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n. (plural of gemstone English)

Gemstones (album)

Gemstones is the third solo album by Adam Green, released in 2005. The album is characterised by the heavy presence of Wurlitzer piano, whereas its predecessor relied on a string section in its instrumentation.

Usage examples of "gemstones".

She was the only elf who truly understood the magical gemstones, having worked intimately with her powerful emerald for centuries.

Clearly this work with the gemstones had awakened something within the boy, some deep emotion, a flicker, perhaps, of power beyond anything he had ever believed possible.

He had heard of musical instruments encrusted with magical gemstones whose powers could be summoned through song.

That, in turn, drew him back to the other truth of that source, that his accomplishments with the sword and the gemstones were not solely the result of heredity.

He changed his focus from the mirror to the gemstones, closing his eyes and merely feeling each stone, talking to each stone, and more important, listening to each.

He clutched at the leg with one hand and went for his gemstones, for the healing hematite, with the other.

I, still young in my power with the gemstones, have already come to understand that the greatest asset of a warrior, the thing that will keep a warrior alive, is the ability to understand his limitations, the wisdom not to overstep those bounds.

He used one of the gemstones, a diamond, to bring up a soft light, but as soon as he had himself situated, his mirror placed on a shelf along the opposite wall, he dismissed the magical glow and let his eyes adjust to the early morning light.

He immediately found a comfortable place to sit and reached for his gemstones, seeking the smooth and inviting depths of the hematite.

He heard the woman behind him cheer, saw his pouch fly open and his gemstones go bouncing all over the ground.

Sadye was using the gemstones set in her magnificent instrument in the opposite way from harmony.

Aydrian dropped a hand into his pouch of gemstones and ran his fingers across their smooth surfaces.

It took him some time to muster the nerve to collect his clothing, his gemstones, and his sword and to walk out of the barn the townsfolk had generously offered him for his temporary home.

He grabbed his sword and his pouch of gemstones and, after checking on Sadye, who was sound asleep, slipped out into the night.

All the world was about to explode, and he would be holding the gemstones that set off the blast.