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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gems \Gems\, n. [G.] (Zo["o]l.) The chamois.


n. (plural of gem English)


Gems or GEMS may refer to:

Gems (Aerosmith album)

Gems is a compilation album released by Aerosmith in 1988 (see 1988 in music) under the label Columbia. It was the first compilation of studio material since 1980's Greatest Hits. Concentrating mainly on heavier material than the radio-friendly singles output on Greatest Hits, the album is noted for the inclusion of the 1978 studio version of "Chip Away The Stone" – previously released only as a single . A live rendition of the song had appeared on 1978's Live Bootleg.

Gems (Patti LaBelle album)

Gems is the twelfth solo album by American singer Patti LaBelle, released on MCA Records in June 1994. The album is notable for the international pop hit, the Ann Nesby co-write, "The Right Kinda Lover", which brought LaBelle a new legion of fans thanks to its production by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and its catchy video which had LaBelle performing a seductress who chooses "the right mate" through a machine and if one man rubbed her the wrong way, she'd use a button to get rid of them. The album also features a Hip-Hop-esque remake of DeBarge's 1983 hit, " All This Love", produced by Teddy Riley. The album peaked at number forty-eight on the Billboard Top 200 and went gold with sales shipping past the 500,000 mark.

Gems (Michael Bolton album)

Gems - The Duets Collection is the 21st studio album by American pop singer Michael Bolton. The album was released on Montaigne Records / Legacy Recordings / Sony Music on 21 June 2011. It features productions by acclaimed songwriters, producers and musicians including A.R. Rahman, David Foster, Dann Huff and Rudy Perez.

Usage examples of "gems".

Strynn added, beaming as she displayed the silver bracelet set with rubies Eellon had made for her, the gems alternating dark red and bright in the colors of Argen and Ferr: Smithcraft fire and Warcraft blood.

Of the others, I find nothing, save a general Memory, not quite as old as that concerning the Soulstone, which indicates that the enhancer gems must be faceted according to a pattern I am now able to draw, should you require.

One of those holds is devoted to mining gems, and while working in these mines, our mother found a gem somewhat like an opal.

But beside the plain, finger-wide band all rising adults received gleamed a quartet of gems to be inset later.

One of the appliques was an intricate band of interlace and gems that was supposed to encircle the helm like a crown.

The casting looked complete save for a later application of gold leaf, and Avall had placed a number of gems there unmounted, as if to consider possible combinations.

Besides, once the contents of the courier packet were transferred to a wrinkled takeout bag, no one would suspect what Lee knew for a fact: the gems were worth a million, minimum.

Purcell Colored Gems was one of the second-tier merchants that had set up a booth.

Like big tits, big gems often had a negative effect on the IQ of the men looking at them.

While not a very original design, the multicolored arc of gems was striking.

Paradise: young women in his bed and his safe-deposit boxes brimming with the best of the gems that the South American gangs brought to him.

A treated stone is more valuable because naturally occurring gems of any color or clarity are, by their very nature, relatively rare.

He was questioned a few times by various law-enforcement agencies in regard to missing or laundered gems but never even arrested, much less charged.

On tables everywhere finished gems were displayed in individual see-through boxes with electronic tags embedded in the clear plastic.

It could be Eduardo de Santos, who works as head cutter for Hall Jewelry International and, if street gossip is true, has a nice little sideline reworking stolen gems passed to him by his extended family.