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Discussion is how you feel about very nice lady whom you also love, Gelle Klara Moynlin, and complications arising therefrom.

Which keeps the oil inside the tank, and even if the ship breaks up altogether the gelled oil floats in big chunks that can easily be scooped up.

So City Councilman Ladrone has this plan requiring oil to be gelled as a routine step in transporting it by sea to refineries, not just as an emergency response in case a tanker cracks open.

A small paper cup, a pin, a jar of cold cream, Witch Hazel, and a tube of gelled rouge.

The man was younger than I expected, with black hair that had been gelled, spiked, and gathered from his forehead with an elastic headband.

He was standing straighter, his head full of carefully combed hair gelled into the familiar style.

The pool of crimson crept across the floorboards, gelling in the cold morning air.