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Geir is a maculine name commonly given in Norway and in Iceland. It is derived from Old Norsegeirr "spear", a common name element in Germanic names in general, from Proto-Germanic *gaizaz (whence also Old High Germangêr, Old Englishgâr, Gothicgaisu).

The popularity of the given name peaked in Norway during the 1950s to 1980s, with above 2% of newly born boys named Geir during the late 1960s to 1970s. As of 2014, the National statistics office of Norway recorded 22,380 men with the given name, or 0.9% of total male population. The Old Norse spelling Geirr is also rarely given (89 individuals in Norway as of 2014). Geir is also rarely given in Sweden and Denmark.

While Geir was practically unused as a given name prior to the 1930s (and since the 2000s), -geir is the second element in a number of given names inherited from Old Norse, the most popularly given being Asgeir and Torgeir. These are a remnant of a much larger group of names including the geirr element in Old Norse.

Usage examples of "geir".

He that takes all his geir fra himself, and gives it to his bairns, it were weil ward to take a mell and knock out his hairns.

So when Geira heard that alien folk were come into Wendland, with a great fleet of viking ships, and that the chief of them was a young man of unusual prowess and noble mien, she sent friendly messengers to the coast and bade the newcomers be her guests that wintertide, for the summer was now far spent, and the weather hard and stormy.