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Gege (title)

Gege ( Manchu: ; ) is the Manchurian word for an unmarried daughter. During the Qing Dynasty it was the Manchu style of an imperial-born princess of an emperor. Daughters of the first ranked princes also used the same title.

When a Manchu prince had concubines, the status of the wives are, from highest to lowest: difujin (the official wife), cefujin (the first rank concubine) and gege. Historically, there were many gege; few ever ascended to the status of cefujin. Only difujin and cefujin names are recorded in the royal family lists of family members.


Geirton Marques Aires (born 28 January 1994), commonly known as GegĂȘ, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Botafogo.

Gege (Swaziland)

Gege is a town in the Shiselweni district of southern Swaziland.

It is near the Bothashoop border crossing point towards Piet Retief in South Africa. It is on the MR13 road.