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Usage examples of "geere".

Ful fressh and newe hir geere apiked was, Hir knyves were chaped noght with bras, But al with silver wroght ful clene and weel, Hir girdles and hir pouches everydeel.

And in his geere for al the world he ferde Nat oonly lik the loveris maladye Of Hereos, but rather lyk manye Engendred of humour malencolik Biforen in his celle fantastik, And shortly turned was al up-so-doun Bothe habit and eek disposicioun Of hym, this woful lovere daun Arcite.

But in the same ship as he hir fond, Hir and hir yonge sone, and al hir geere, He sholde putte, and croude hir fro the lond, And chargen hir she never eft coome theere.