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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Geer \Geer\, Geering \Geer"ing\ [Obs.] See Gear, Gearing.


n. (obsolete form of gear English)


Geer is a Walloon municipality of Belgium in Province of Liege. On January 1, 2006, Geer had a total population of 2,854. The total area is 23.62 km² which gives a population density of 121 inhabitants per km². Geer lies along the upper course of the river Jeker, which is called Geer in French.

The municipality consists of the following sub-municipalities: Geer proper, Boëlhe, Darion, Hollogne-sur-Geer, Lens-Saint-Servais, Ligney, and Omal.

Geer (disambiguation)

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Usage examples of "geer".

Conger told the big timehopper most of what Geer had told him this morning.

He walked through the night to the cottage and let himself in, the printlock having been set to admit him, Geer and Buford.

He guided Geer off the stage, out a rear door onto a brick-paved lane.

You would have told Geer, who in turn would have told Sinkovec or Tiefenbacher or whatever buffoon he has to report to.

De Geer had toured the crucible steel plant in April of 1632, Josh Modi had explained that steel was simply a carbon alloy of iron, as was cast iron.

Grantville, De Vries met with De Geer to go over what he had discovered.

De Geer had attended a meeting hosted by Philip Burlamachi who had been the financial agent in Amsterdam for the English Crown for almost twenty years.

De Geer waited until he had heard that Cecil Calvert, the new Lord Baltimore, had obtained another charter which had gone into effect on June 20, 1632.

Louis De Geer, the spring of 1633 was a boom time for his armament business.

De Geer received three separate dispatches from Jan de Vries over the space of a week.

He and De Geer have extensive business dealings since we often purchase war material in Amsterdam.

According to Geer, no one outside the Wild Talent Division was, as yet, taking the Lemurian threat seriously.

I had the whole thing dug into when Geer came babbling to us with the yarn.

He then gave Fairfield a concise account of everything which had occurred since Geer had arrived the other morning in Organic.

All of this can easily be attended to by telephone except Miss Geer, and that is your problem.