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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

by 1985, from geek (n.) in teen slang sense + -y (2).


a. Resembling or characteristic of a geek.

Usage examples of "geeky".

The guy was a celebrity of sorts, the computer genius of the age, and somewhat geeky looking besides.

And the skinny, geeky guy in the unseasonable trench coat currently masturbating at the far end of the car.

Madness had transformed his bland, geeky features into a writhing mask of power-hungry ruthlessness seldom seen outside a Jonny Quest cartoon.

Stuff in development, goofy prototypes which mostly never got any further than test rigs, were briar patches of dropped lines, strange attractors, bad loops, geeky quick fixes and worse.

I was a bit annoyed about Andrew Warrender sticking his geeky nose in.

Billy said, and gave me a cocky grin that simply did not belong on the face of a geeky little college nerd in a black bathrobe.

Never Terry, just Terrel, even though the name Terrel was clearly invented as a back-formation to allow the nickname Terry without saddling the kid with a really geeky name like Terence.

Bush's geeky inarticulateness in public and his eastern preppy bearing were evident.

He'd toyed with calling the place The Level Playing Field, but Kate's marketing judgment prevailed as she opined that it sounded like a sports shop and lacked a certain futuristic resonance, or as she put it, 'it's not nearly geeky enough'.