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Gedächtniskirche (German for "Memorial Church") may refer to several different churches, among them:

  • Kaiser-Friedrich-Gedächtniskirche (also known in English as Emperor Frederick Memorial Church) in Berlin
  • Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche (also known in English as Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church) in Berlin.
  • Gedächtniskirche der Protestation (Memorial Church of the Protestation) in Speyer.
Gedächtniskirche (Speyer)

The Gedächtniskirche der Protestation ('The Memorial Church of the Protestation') is a United Protestant church in Speyer, Rhineland-Palatinate. Built between 1893 and 1904, the church was constructed in memory of the protest that took place at the Diet of Speyer by the Protestant states of the Holy Roman Empire in 1529. The tower is the tallest bell tower in the palatinate at .