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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Geck \Geck\, n. [D. gek fool, fop; akin to G. geck; cf. Icel. gikkr a pert, rude person.]

  1. Scorn, derision, or contempt. [Prov. Eng.]

  2. An object of scorn; a dupe; a gull. [Obs.]

    To become the geck and scorn O'the other's villainy.


Geck \Geck\, v. t. [Cf. OD. ghecken, G. gecken. See Geck, n.]

  1. To deride; to scorn; to mock. [Prov. Eng.]

  2. To cheat; trick, or gull. [Obs.]


Geck \Geck\, v. i. To jeer; to show contempt.
--Sir W. Scott.


n. 1 scorn; derision; contempt 2 (context archaic pejorative English) fool; idiot; imbecile vb. 1 To jeer; to show contempt. 2 To cheat or trick.

Usage examples of "geck".

Even so, he was surprised at how quickly Geck was picking up his own language.

It would take about two years for it to attain its maturity, Geck informed him.

Hanlon asked, and Geck said it could take care of itself alone in the forest, so Hanlon managed to sneak it out into the woods, where it would be free.

There was much hostility and great fear when Geck first tried to explain about the human who was their friend, and had learned to talk with them.

Hanlon apparently chose at random, it was actually Geck to whom he beckoned.

Hanlon guessed, and when he had taken his crew down to work he called Geck to him, and by means of the transformer asked about it.

Hanlon could see them talking to the natives in all the huts, and in moments all the natives except Geck were streaming happily toward the nearby forests.

He turned back to Geck and explained, telepathically, as best he could.

Randy Waterhouse, the quintessential computer geck, and Amy Shaftoe, salvage expert in training, to finish.

If I could only raise my head from the pillow, metaphorically I must take off my woolly hat to whatever acned racist geck superhacker was using the stolen computer, and what software he must have written in anticipation.

Besides, that geck is about to lock up the bay, and Espo patrols would get kind of curious if they saw us burning our way through the blast doors.

Nelly strained her bonds, how she gecked and flouted and looked above him, and curtsied past him, and dropped his hand as if it were live coals, while the heavy brow grew darker, until it showed like a thunderstorm over the burning red of the passion-flushed cheek.