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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Geb \Geb\ n. (Mythol.) The god of the earth; father of Osiris and Isis.

Syn: Keb.


Geb was the Egyptian god of the Earth and later a member of the Ennead of Heliopolis. He wore snake around his head and was considered the father of snakes. It was believed in ancient Egypt that Geb's laughter were earthquakes and that he allowed crops to grow.

Usage examples of "geb".

I know you can't do that entirely, but if you can't keep revenge from clouding your judgment, tell me now, and Geb and Tamman will take the primary strike.

If enemy fighter opposition appeared, it was up to Geb and Tamman to pick it off if they could.

He'd almost forgotten Geb and Tamman, and the southern fighter probably never even realized he and Jiltanith weren't alone.

He knew what people like Horus and 'Hani, Geb and Hanalat, 'Tanni and Tamman, had seen and endured, and he felt a deep, almost sublime respect for them, but respect was only part of his complicated feelings.

I've scheduled Geb and Tamman to fly lead with Hanalat and Carhana as their wing.

Nor would she have the chance to, for there was one last service Geb could perform for his friend Tanisis.

Imperial technology had held the ecological effects of their labors to a minimum impossible for purely Terran resources, but Geb had seen Chimborazo before his henchmen arrived.

Which, Geb reflected, had been one reason the Fleet never had trouble finding recruits even with minimum hitches of a century and a half .

In the end, only Geb remained, and Horus smiled wearily at his oldest living friend as the two of them leaned back and propped their heels on the conference table almost in unison.

He'd once wondered why Geb was the only Imperial with a single-syllable name.

It was the custom of his planet, for Geb had been one of those very rare beings in Battle Fleet: a native-born son of Birhat.

The power still flowed, and Geb and his zombie-like crews kept the shield generators on line somehow.

They could shut down no more than a handful for overhaul at any one time, but, like Vassily, Geb was doing the impossible.

Like Vassily and Geb, who'd somehow risen above themselves to perform impossible tasks.

Two of them were absent, for Lawrence Jefferson had been called in as a last-minute substitute for Horus, and Life Councilor Geb, the Minister of Reconstruction was seldom on Birhat.