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n. 1 (context Gaelic mythology English) A vow or obligation placed upon a person. 2 A curse. 3 A mystical compulsion.


GEAS (Grand Edinburgh Adventuring Society, also known as GEAS Roleplaying Society or Edinburgh University Roleplaying Society) is the roleplaying society of the University of Edinburgh. The society plays host annually to Conpulsion, Scotland's oldest, largest gaming convention.

Usage examples of "geas".

She wanted rest, freedom from this burden, this geas, which had been thrust upon her and which she must continue to bear because of the blood that had been hers from birth.

I, too, have a geas laid upon me to bear this where it must go, wield it as it must be used.

Yet that would solve nothing, for the geas held fast for her, and this was the only road to what she sought.

Perhaps some act might follow which, even if it could not save her, would carry to an end what the geas demanded of her.

If this Ninutra was the prime mover who had set the geas into action, then it must be her time and place and power that would bring the end into view.

She wondered if the fact that she still must fulfill a guardianship, that she had not been absolved of the geas, kept that small ember of life aglow in her.

I only know that of it I am the set guardian, and this geas has not been lifted from me.

The evil magus set a geas, a compulsion, on the unfortunate, to bring the head to his Highness.

The guards had leaped to their feet, drawing their short swords, and in my confusion I remembered Xerlanthor could lay geas for assassination.

Was it yesterday, or perhaps the day before, when the geas was laid on you, to lead us into ambush?

Yet Xerlanthor must have made some provision in the geas in case they were discovered.

I now set a geas upon you and these are the terms of it If you break one clause, you break all, and you will know sorrow.

The temptation was exceedingly strong, but the geas that Merlin had placed upon him was stronger.

Fuzzily he was aware that the mixture of these many fumes was making him drunk, but he was obeying his geas to the letter.

Even a spirit such as yours, swordsman, with the strength to struggle as you are doing against the geas of the necromancy, might fail if faced, unprepared, by such knowledge.