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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ge \Ge\ n. The chemical symbol for germanium, a metalloid element of atomic number 32. See germanium. [WordNet sense 1]

Syn: germanium.


Ge \Ge\ n. (Mythol.) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology. See Gaea. [WordNet sense 2]

Syn: Gaea, Gaia.


abbr. (context galaxy English) giant elliptical galaxy

Ge (Cyrillic)

Ghe or Ge (Г г; italics: Г г) is a letter of the Cyrillic script. It is also known in some languages as He. It commonly represents the voiced velar plosive , like in "go".

It is generally romanized using the Latin letter G, but to romanize Belarusian, Ukrainian and Rusyn, the Latin letter H is used.


Ge or GE may refer to:

may refer to:

  • Gê languages
  • Gê peoples
Ge (skipper)

Ge is a genus of skippers in the family Hesperiidae.

Usage examples of "ge".

Hij raffelde het gebed af, maakte een nieuwe berekening en belde andere natuurkundigen over de hele wereld.

Hij ging naar Sandoz toe om die naar zijn stoel te helpen en wierp een boze blik naar Voelker.

Binnen gingen ze naar de keuken, waar Emilio op de kruk in de hoek ging zitten en zijn blik onafgebroken gericht hield op Anne terwijl ze iets te eten maakte.

Hij keek een keer om voordat zijn boot de bocht door ging en zag de vreemdeling nog op de kade staan, een klein, zwart silhouet dat afstak tegen de rotsen van Kashan.

Emilio bood haar zijn excuses aan toen ze langs hem liep en ging daarna naar binnen.

As Kate stood in front of the cott ge, her shoulders sagged in disappointment.

Endlich drehte er sich langsam, langsam auf den Fussballen herum und ging fort.

Damit drehte er sich um, ging schnell zu seinem Pult im Hintergrunde des Ladens und begann zu schreiben.

Er ging weiter und kam in sein Schlafgemach, und dort fand er seine Frau in so tiefem Schlafe wie alle anderen auch.

These numbered fewer than a hundred, mostly stragglers from the great rout of the Farer army, and who because of fear or injuries had hidden in the hills instead of returning to Ged Darod with the bulk of the mob after the alien lightnings had barred their way to Irnan.

Kaufmannssohn und dann ging er in den Wald hinaus, setzte sich in seinen Koffer, flog auf das Dach des Schlosses und kroch durch das Fenster zur Prinzessin hinein.

His life is told of in the Deed of Ged and in many songs, but this is a tale of the time before his fame, before the songs were made.

There was a kind of alcove in the west wall of the room, where Ged slept.

In the dark warmth of that house Ged spent the winter, hearing the rush of rain and wind outside or the silence of snowfall, learning to write and read the Six Hundred Runes of Hardic.

Ogion often sent Ged forth to gather herbs on the meadows above Re Albi, and told him to take as long as he liked about it, giving him freedom to spend all day wandering by rainfilled streams and through the woods and over wet green fields in the sun.