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GCR may refer to:

  • Galactic cosmic ray, the high-energy particles that flow into the Solar System from far away in the galaxy
  • Gas cooled reactor, a nuclear reactor type
  • Gateshead Community Radio, a former recurring RSL that broadcast to Gateshead in the 1990s.
  • General Chinese Romanization, a cross-dialectal spelling system devised by Chao Yuen Ren
  • Generalized conjugate residual, a generalization of the Conjugate residual method
  • Geological Conservation Review
  • Ghost-canceling reference, a special television signal that helps reduce the effects of multipath ("ghosting")
  • Global catastrophic risk
  • Global Competitiveness Report
  • Glucocorticoid receptor, a ligand-activated transcription factor that binds with high affinity to cortisol and other glucocorticoids
  • Graduate Common Room, a term for a postgraduate student organisation, sometimes used in collegiate universities in place of the more common MCR
  • Grand Central Railway, an open-access United Kingdom railway company
  • Gray City Rebels, a roller derby league in São Paulo
  • Great Central Railway, a railway company and former main line in the United Kingdom
  • Great Central Railway (preserved), the preserved railway running on part of the old main line
  • Grey component replacement, a topic in desktop publishing
  • Ground Coverage Ratio, the ratio of land coverage (use in solar panel industry)
  • Group Code Recording, a set of encoding methods for magnetic media (floppy disks, etc.)
  • Groupe Communiste Révolutionnaire, the French name for the Lebanese Revolutionary Communist Group
  • Guildford Campus Radio, the former name of student radio station GU2