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GCN may refer to:

  • Nintendo GameCube, a video game console
  • Gamma Ray Burst Coordinates Network, a system by which Gamma-Ray Burst information is relayed from the first responding observatory to the rest of the GRB community
  • Gay Christian Network, nonprofit organization and its associated social networking site
  • Gay Community News (Dublin), Ireland's longest running gay newspaper, published since 1988 by the National Lesbian and Gay Federation
  • Gay Community News (Boston), a weekly journal published in Boston from 1973 to 1992
  • Genesis Communications Network, a U.S. radio network
  • Global Christian Network (broadcaster), a religious broadcaster on AMC4 satellite television, a station in New York City and EICB TV across the US
  • Global Cycling Network, a YouTube Channel about Cycling.
  • Grand Canyon National Park Airport, according to the International Air Transport Association airport code
  • Graphics Core Next, is a series of microarchitectures as well an instruction set developed by AMD for their GPUs