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Gazaria (Genoese colonies)

Gazara (Gazaria is a Russified version of the name; also Cassaria, Cacsarea, Gazaria, Gasaria) is the name given to the Genoese colonies in Crimea and around the Black Sea from the mid-13th century to the late 15th century.

The word is derived from Khazaria, though the Khazars had ceased to rule over the area by that time.


Gazaria may refer to several places:

  • Perateian Gazaria in the medieval Crimea
  • Genoese Gazaria - medieval Genoese colonies on the Black Sea in the former Khazaria
  • Theodorite Gazaria, a Gotho-Byzantine state in the medieval Crimea
  • Gazaria Upazila, in Bangladesh