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Gaz (candy)

Gaz is a Persian nougat from the Isfahan region.

The name gaz is associated with gaz-angebin which translates to 'sap of angebin', in reference to a species of Tamarisk, T. gallica that is native to the Zagros mountain range located to the west of the Esfahan and Boldaji.

The sweet, milky sap (gaz of Khunsar) found on the angebin plant is associated with manna, a food mentioned in the religious texts of the Abrahamic religions. The sticky white substance is formed from honeydew, which is exuded from the anus of the nymph of a psyllid insect, either Cyamophila astragalicola or C. dicora, in its final instar, which live on plants of Astragalus adscendens, and is collected annually and is combined with other ingredients including pistachio or almond kernels, rosewater and egg white. Modern versions of gaz may not contain gaz of Khunsar and may use sugar and corn syrup as substitutes for psyllid manna.

The traditional way to serve gaz is in round pieces that are about 2 inches in diameter and up to 1/2-inch thick. A modern presentation is to serve the nougat cut into smaller rectangles. Depending on the ingredients mixed in, gaz can have a subtle rose flavor, a nutty taste, or a savory and pungent profile. It can be white, or it can become another color because of the addition of spices (such as saffron) or nuts.

Celebrations such as Nowruz, the Persian New Year, feature gaz. During the Nowruz holiday, family and friends visit each other's homes and, typically, the host offers fruits and sweets to their guests. Served with sherbet or tea, gaz is a favorite delicacy and a much-appreciated gift as it helps to ensure that a household will have ample snacks to serve all holiday visitors.

Usage examples of "gaz".

Instantly Gaz was on top of him, hurling his great carcass full upon the body of his fallen antagonist.

He thought of Gaz, the terrible man who crushed lives out with his bare hands.

Perhaps it was the latter that kept him from fearing Gaz, for from all that he had heard of the man Gaz spelled death.

He wanted to be done with Gaz as quickly as possible so that he could take the girl in hand.

As Gaz charged down upon him, von Horst struck him a heavy blow in the face, as he stepped aside out of the path of the huge body.

He had struck Gaz again heavily, and when he reached down again to grope for his weapon his hand contacted it immediately, as though someone had placed it in his grasp.

Then Gaz tried to get up and away from von Horst, but the latter seized his beard and held him.

How could I guess that you could kill Gaz, whom no man has ever before been able to kill?

Von killed Gaz in a fair fight with knives, and he has taken the daughter of your chief as mate.

William was over by the rather sparse pile of loot that had been accumulating over the last hour, rummaging through it with Armand du Gaz who, as one of the few knights who could both read and write, was trying to inventory the meager haul.

Armand du Gaz led in two men-at-arms dragging the unconscious Drummond between them.

As the years had passed, however, du Gaz had blossomed, and de Beq now was happy to accord him the full respect due a brother knight.

William of Etton, who was seated closest to du Gaz, slid the objects over to de Beq.

Inside, de Beq was trying to question Drummond while du Gaz and his men held him in his place.

Before they had gone twenty paces, a skirmish party of half a dozen men-at-arms, led by du Gaz and Etienne Lefroi, came bursting out of the great hall and collided with them, scattering the startled punkers like ten pins.