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Etymology 1 vb. (context obsolete English) to stare or gape Etymology 2

interj. (non-gloss definition: An expletive, expressing disbelief, horror, or disdain)


Gaw is a relatively rare surname among those of Scottish, English, and Irish descent, deriving from the Gaelic word meaning "foreigner" (the surnames, Gall and Gaul, are derived from the same word).

Usage examples of "gaw".

Elders and the others climbed the ladder and moved around the openwork spirit that guarded the door, the Amar broke apart into family groupings and contested peacefully for seats around the Gawer.

Working with Gawer Hith, she and Rihon kept the Amar sane while Mambila ruled the sky.

The expatriates were gawping at us, and their astonishment reoriented me.

Byllinge soon became insolvent and turned over his nine-tenths interest to his creditors, appointing Penn and two other Quakers, Gawen Lawrie, a merchant of London, and Nicholas Lucas, a maltster of Hertford, to hold it in trust for them.

Gaws and Mildrid had pushed off to plan whatever stunts they were up to, Sook explained that Halcyon wished to see him first thing in the morning.

The ship soared above the small moonscape, leaving the approaching crowd gawping.

He snapped his mouth shut again, evidently realizing that he was gawping at Harry.

Mr Selly was standing gawping at Julius as though Julius was the very Devil incarnate.

And this person mystified and delighted Katharine so much that I was forced to keep paying him money for one imitation after another and soon felt very foolish standing in a gawping crowd and listening to a man pretending to be a chicken and a hog and a capercaillie and a new-born lamb.

Charles Cres swell was driving it--he lifted a hand in greeting as he flashed past, leaving her gawping at its fast disappearing elegance.

After his sleepless night and the early morning vodka, he was feeling a bit lightheaded, so when he saw the ponies down the combe, gawping at him with their fool faces, he yelled at them in bad Somerset - 'Git 'arn there!

Ryan should see the gaw fish they caught down at Barataria and Grand Isle, man, big ones like Ryan never seen.

The expatriates were gawping at us, and their astonishment reoriented me.