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n. (plural of gauntlet English)

Usage examples of "gauntlets".

The gauntlets felt warm, but the very existence of the chimaera could account for that.

Other squarears stepped forward carrying the levitation belt, the Mouvar weapon, the gauntlets, and the swords.

True, the magic of the gauntlets had saved him many times, but it had always seemed to him that having magic was an unfair advantage.

I have the gauntlets now, and the levitation belt, and the Mouvar weapon.

He had no doubt of the proper direction, partly because there was a treeless area that was almost like a road, but mostly because the gauntlets tingled ever so slightly when he started going wrong.

Kelvin's hands burned in the gauntlets and he didn't like ignoring their warning.

I have my levitation belt and my gauntlets now, and I come from a world where magic exists.

If I can get outside again, get one of the spikes uprooted, hold it with the gauntlets and channel magic through it—"

The two gauntlets wrestling for their wearers, moving their fingers and wrists, pulling their arms and bodies along.

Another froogear had gathered up the two gauntlets and was sniffing them.

His hands had to be quite as strong as the gauntlets, yet he had launched no attacks on the chimaera.

Stapular exerted considerable strength, and it was as if he wore magic gauntlets of his own.

Kelvin was pulled off balance, but his gauntlets maintained their grip.

It was almost as though the gauntlets had taken weird control over the whole of him.

How interesting that the man's magic gauntlets had fathomed all that, and acted correctly despite temptation to do otherwise.