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n. (plural of gator English)

Usage examples of "gators".

The gators in the banks of languid rivers and stagnant pools, the deer that still browsed in the stands of wood that had not yet made way for the cotton fields, the small herbs with healing and poison in them, the fish in the water, and the hum, hum, hum of sleeping people who, in the nighttime, became part of the world again instead of fighting against it the way most folks did the livelong day.

Dimock was a pretty old feller by that time, but like most sports, he would shoot anything in sight, not only deer and birds but gators, crocs, and manatees.

Tant played hell with the deer and coons and gators, and he brought his venison and jokes and fleas from one Daniels hearth to the next one, all his life.

Injuns and cottonmouths and giant gators, and anyways, there was nowhere to run to, nothing but mangrove and deep-water rivers, miles from anywhere.

The greensong of the life around him, of the trees and moss, the birds and gators and fish and snakes, and the tiny lives and the momentary lives, all of them making a kind of deep harmony together that became a part of him so that he could hear himself as nothing more than a small part of that song.

He also scanned for gators, which would have no qualms about snatching any child who strayed too close to shore.

All the other gators waited in a semicircle, all about fifteen feet away, watching the struggle in the water.

The other gators leapt upon the weakened one and dragged it under the water.

Arthur Stuart had heard and felt and finally seen the heartfires of hundreds and hundreds of gators that lived in the river and its tributaries in this region.

And then the gators suddenly turned, all of them at once, and headed downstream toward the boats.

The gators remained in place, snapping and climbing over each other, trying to get up on deck.

And all the while we done fishing, too, sold some salt fish, took turtle eggs in season, shot gators and egrets when they was handy.

An Indin burial place had been disturbed, the earth was bleeding from the massacre of birds and gators, and the Mikasukis was afeared that bad spirits of their old enemies might be set loose.

Riverside Avenue, Charlie McKinney and Jim Howell killed ten gators in one night up Turner River, under the dark of the moon.

Lee County, since in the dry season the gators dig out water holes used by the cattle.