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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gated \Gat"ed\ (g[=a]t"[e^]d), a. Having gates.

  1. 1 Capable of being switched on and off (normally by means of a signal). 2 Have a gate or other restricted access. v

  2. (en-past of: gate)

Usage examples of "gated".

The black spy eye, hovering just above the gated doorway all this time, now swooped to the open sash and disappeared into the rain.

The elemental who watched the chamber signaled Pasgen, who Gated to the hidden entrance and released the imp.

With suitable detours to prevent anyone from finding her domain, she Gated to the empty house, where she collected Talog.

Mounted with Cannaid behind her, she Gated to the Goblin Fair and from one of the other Gates in the market to Caer Mordwyn.

Gathering what strength he still had, he Gated, not to Logres but to Avalon.

Blanche had gone in, Denoriel made his way back to the maze and Gated from there to Logres.

From there she Gated directly to the empty house in which she and Pasgen pretended to live Underhill.

On arriving she sent a servant for Talog, riding the not-horse to an outer Gate, and Gated to Caer Mordwyn.

She Gated to the empty house Underhill, and from there sent a message to Pasgen through the mind speakers who lived there.

Finally he set an alarm to tell him if something arrived in his holding chamber and Gated into the main body of his house.

Aleneil told Denoriel when she Gated to Llachar Lle after everyone else at Hampton Court was asleep, Rhoslyn, if it was Rhoslyn, never came near Elizabeth and there was no sense of magic in or around Mary.

Denoriel Gated to Windsor, left Miralys to conceal himself in the copse, and let himself into the garden.

He rode off to London, Gated back, shielded his magic and himself, and waited.

He had had an air spirit watching for her and had Gated to Windsor to intercept her attempt to take FitzRoy.

After the meal, considerably refreshed, although with a new worry at the back of his mind, Denoriel Gated to his house in London.