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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gatch \Gatch\ (g[a^]ch), n. [Per. gach mortar.] Plaster as used in Persian architecture and decorative art.

Gatch decoration, decoration in plaster often producing design of great beauty.

Gatch work, work in which gatch is employed; also, articles of gatch ornamentation collectively.


n. A form of plaster of Paris formerly used in Persia

Usage examples of "gatch".

So the floor worker, who was one of the Gatch brothers, drove out on the runway in his own car.

Captain Gatch was back on the bridge of South Dakota, but his luck and hers had run out.

Allowing his sailors no time to calculate what this enormous advantage might mean to Gatch, Matt gave one swift glance at his chart and satisfied himself that the battle could be confined to that broad stretch of bay between the York River on the west and Cape Charles on the east, and he was pleased that he would not have to worry about British support ships rushing in from the James River, for its mouth lay well to the south.

But when Spratley told of how Captain Gatch had led the shore party that had impressed him on the streets of London, and of how Gatch had refused to pay his men on the principle of “Keep the pay and keep the man,” and of the ranting tirades Sir Trevor was accustomed to deliver, Turlock’s appetite was whetted, and against his own best judg­ment he signed the sniveler.

Captain Gatch had intended landing just below the town and investing it on foot, so that he could lay waste the infamous place at leisure, but a squadron of watermen who had been hunting rabbits all their lives—including some thirty Turlocks from the marshes—set up such a resolute fire that Sir Trevor had to confess, “Damn me, they fight like Napoleon’s best.