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Gåsö is an island in the Swedish province of Bohuslän, county of Lysekil. Gåsö is situated at the entrance of the Gullmarn fjord and is a part of the Gullmarn nature reserve. The Gåsö archipelago consists partly of two larger islands, Gåsö and Storön, and partly of a large number of smaller islands. The old fishing village on the main island is today only inhabited during summer, when the population reaches approximately 250 people. The Gåsö archipelago has many natural harbours and is a popular destination for boating tourists.


Gasomay refer to:

  • Gåsö, an island in the Swedish province Bohuslän
  • GASO, an abbreviation for Georgia Southern University
  • Gasó, another name for Rosarigasino, a rhyming slang language game traditionally associated with the city of Rosario, Argentina
  • Gaso, another name for Kwosso, a ball game played by the Afar people