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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ An advocate of progress in all forms, Wilson was the first in his area to illuminate his premises with gaslight.
▪ He raked his fingers through fur the color of weak tea, brown, red, golden tint of gaslight.
▪ His bearded face was monstrous in the gaslight.
▪ It dates back to 1863, to a Victorian London of slums, of gaslight, of the powerless and the poor.
▪ The gaslights flickered softly, and as the time passed the surroundings no longer seemed faded and threadbare but rich and sumptuous.
▪ The age of gaslight, I think you called it.
▪ The shadows are like black pits and the gaslight is too bright.
▪ There was no gaslight in the apartments; only kerosene lamps glowed in the windows.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gaslight \Gas"light`\, n.

  1. The light yielded by the combustion of illuminating gas.

  2. A gas jet or burner.


n. 1 (context British English) The light produced by burning piped illuminating gas. 2 (context British English) A lamp which operates by burning gas. vb. (context slang English) To manipulate someone psychologically such that they question their own sanity.


n. light yielded by the combustion of illuminating gas


Gaslight may refer to:

  • Gas lighting, the use of flammable gas such as natural gas as a light source
  • Gaslighting, a form of psychological abuse
  • The Gaslight Anthem, an American rock band
  • Gaslight (automobile), a defunct American automobile company (1960 – c. 1961)
  • Gaslamp Fantasy, a subgenre of fantasy set in a Victorian setting, also known as gaslight fantasy
Gaslight (1944 film)

Gaslight is an American 1944 mystery- thriller film, adapted from Patrick Hamilton's 1938 play Gas Light, about a woman whose husband slowly manipulates her into believing that she is going insane.

The 1944 version was the second version to be filmed, following the British film Gaslight, directed by Thorold Dickinson and released in 1940. This 1944 version was directed by George Cukor and starred Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, Joseph Cotten, and 18-year-old Angela Lansbury in her screen debut. Gaslight had a larger scale and budget than the earlier film, and lends a different feel to the material. To avoid confusion with the first film, this version was originally given the title The Murder in Thornton Square in the UK.

Gaslight (1940 film)

Gaslight is a 1940 British film directed by Thorold Dickinson which stars Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard, and features Frank Pettingell. The film adheres more closely to the original play upon which it is based – Patrick Hamilton's Gas Light (1938) – than the better-known 1944 MGM adaptation. The play had been shown on Broadway as Angel Street, so when the film was released in the United States it was given the same name.

Gaslight (automobile)

The Gaslight was an automobile manufactured in Detroit, Michigan by the Gaslight Motors Company from 1960-c.1961. The Gaslight was a venture that built a replica-style veteran car, based on the 1902 Rambler. It was built with a modern air-cooled single-cylinder engine of . The vehicle had a wheelbase, and weighed . It sold for $1,495.

Usage examples of "gaslight".

Annie into a book-lined room and lit the gaslight in the gaselier and then the gas fire in the grate, which came alive with a loud, noisy pop.

She held a knife up near the unshielded gaslight, a huge, triangular bladed knife that flashed like a sheet of silver.

Downstairs in his book-lined study, he turned up the gaslight and tugged the list from a waistcoat pocket.

Standing in darkness with her three pursuers silhouetted against the glow of gaslight in the foyer, Eleanor had a slight advantage.

With the gaslight flickering softly on the keys and the subliminal rus-de of petticoats in his ears, he could almost believe himself in Paris again, and happy.

He turned back to Shaw, the gaslight glittering on the lace at his throat and wrists.

An occasional glimmer of soft gaslight through colored curtains flickered through the trees like a fashionable ghost to show where houses stood, but even those grew more sparse as the road got worse.

Fern remained behind, the gaslight giving his haunted features the appearance of wax.

He can work in sunlight or gaslight, be a monk or a libertine, seven years old or seventy, and all the paintings will achieve the same architectual, impersonal perfection.

Even in the gaslight, I could see the signs of disease on her face, could even smell it on her breath, but she thought me shy rather than wary and would not leave me alone.

He turned on the gaslight, sat by it, and pulled up another chair for Melvin Bean.

Only from the tennis-court building, in its secluded corner of the famous demesne, did gleams of gaslight faintly mitigate the dank, muffling vapour.

He panted and sweated, and his face, in the gaslight at the corner stanchion, gleamed in oily unhealth.

She lowered her head, the gaslight touching a delicate profile, a face haunted by doubt.

His earrings caught the gaslight and sparked unexpectedly from the shadows of his long hair.