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GASA Group (Gartnernes Salgsforeninger; "co-operative marketing organisations") is a Danish company that imports and exports flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Founded in 1929 as a fruit, flowers and vegetable auction co-operative, the multinational company is headquartered in Odense. In addition to Denmark, the company has nurseries in Costa Rica, Italy, and Sweden, and sales organizations in England, Germany, Holland, Italy, and Sweden nurseries in Denmark, Sweden, and Italy, as well as sales organizations in Denmark, Holland, Germany, England, Sweden and Italy. About three-quarters of GASA's sales are exports and it is one of the biggest distributors of potted plants in Europe. The company is owned by Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab (47%) and the Danish potted-plant producers (27%). The remaining 26% is owned by Gartnernes Forsikring and a number of banks. GASA Group was established in its present form in 2001 when GASA Aarhus A/S and GASA Odense-Blomster A/S established a collaboration. In 2004, the companies became GASA Group Denmark A/S.

Gasa (poetry)

Gasa (or Kasa) was a form of poetry popular during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. Gasas were commonly sung, and were popular among yangban women. Jeong Cheol, a poet of the 16th century, is regarded as having perfected the form, which consisted of parallel lines, each broken into two four-syllable units. The form had first emerged during the Goryeo period.

Gasa (crater)

Gasa Crater is an impact crater in the Phaethontis quadrangle on Mars at 35.68° S and 230.72° W. and is 6.5 km in diameter. Its name was approved in 2009, and it was named after a place in Bhutan. Gullies are evident in the images. It is now believed that the impact that created Gasa happened in a larger crater whose floor was covered with debris-covered glaciers.