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n. (plural of garment English)

Usage examples of "garments".

A nauseous, smothering odor as the wetness-shut around him-thick, pulsing worms clasping every inch of his body, sliding, writhing, their wetness and warmth striking through his garments as if he stood naked to their embrace.

The garments belonged to someone else, another Samidar, a much younger and wilder woman.

His garments were of a shiny black cloth, and he wore a breastplate, greaves, and vambraces all of black lacquered leather.

She reached out to flick a bit of dirt from his shoulder and made a pretense of straightening his garments for him.

Riothamus stepped between them, his bright garments and once gleaming armor covered with dirt and fine, gray stone powder.

She moved farther away and collected her garments from where she had hung them.

Withered, rotten flesh and tattered burial garments dripped from ancient bones with every step the creatures took.

As she did, the third corpse began to tear and rip at her garments, trying to get to the flesh beneath them with its talons.

Jasper obeyed, and so keen was the interest of Mabel, that she too ventured as far as the companion-way, where her garments were sufficiently protected against the violence of the wind and her person from the spray.

Firdun was staring at the man wearing the torn and sodden garments of a Waste trader.

The ever-present scent which clung to her garments encompassed them both.

Like the shaman, he was dressed in furred garments, but he wore no feathered cloak, instead three long black feathers pointed at an angle backward from a beaded band about his forehead and hair.

He pointed to a helmet and garments such as the Aesir wore, which he had placed on the chest.

But when I took off my own shirt to don the Aesir garments, my hand touched something that hung from my neck.

He had reached down, from hooks on which they hung, two of the four strange garments which had hung there, gathering dust for long.