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Garín is a town in Escobar Partido of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. It is located in the north of the Greater Buenos Aires urban agglomeration.

Garin (surname)

Garin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • André Garin (1822–1895), American Roman Catholic priest
  • Erast Garin (1902–1980), Russian actor
  • Eugene Garin (1922–1994), Ukrainian painter and artist
  • Geoff Garin (born 1953), American political consultant
  • Hermes Garín (born 1947), Uruguayan Roman Catholic bishop
  • Hernán Garin (born 1983), Argentine footballer
  • Janette Garin, Filipino politician
  • Maurice Garin (1871–1957), French cyclist
  • Nikolai Garin-Mikhailovsky (1852–1906), Russian writer
  • Oleg Garin (born 1966), Russian football coach and player
  • Vladimir Garin (1987–2003), Russian actor
  • Christian Garín (born 1996), Chilean tennis player
Fictional characters
  • Pyotr Petrovich Garin or Engineer Garin, the main character in Aleksey Tolstoy's novel The Garin Death Ray (also in the films The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin and Failure of Engineer Garin)
  • Seth Garin, character in Richard Bachman's novel The Regulators
Garin (given name)

Garin, Warin, Guarin, Guarino (Italian), or Garí (Catalan) is a name and may refer to:

  • Guarin, 12th-century Siculo-Norman chancellor
  • Garin de Monglane, legendary warrior
  • Garin d'Apchier, inventor of the descort
  • Garin lo Brun, troubadour
  • See The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin for Engineer Garin, a fictional engineer from Aleksei Tolstoy's book
  • Garin, Haute-Garonne, a commune in southern France
  • Garin de Montaigu, 13th Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller
  • Garin Veris, American football defensive end
  • Garin Cecchini, baseball player