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a. Like garbage; trashy, worthless.

Usage examples of "garbagey".

Rivas had begun shivering among the tumbled bodies in the wagon bed, for he could tell by the very scent of the aira sort of garbagey sweetness with burned overtones mixed with the fish smell of the sea that he was in entirely unknown territory.

Beyond it spilled the garbagey bay, yellow Jersey smoke clung over inching ferries, over the trinketlike Statue.

It was already fiercely hot and a ripe, garbagey smell came from the streets.

He could smell the comforting aromas of Ted's cigarettes and shaving soap, but they weren't strong enough to cover the stench that was coming from the low men - a meaty, garbagey smell - and a higher smell like burning whiskey that was coming from their cars.