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n. (plural of gap English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: gap)


Gaps is a member of the Montana group of Patience games, where the arrangement of cards from Deuce (a Two card) to King is the object. Other games in the group include Spaces, Vacancies, Clown Solitaire, Paganini, Montana itself, Red Moon, and Blue Moon.

Gaps (album)

Gaps is the debut album from Monster Bobby. The title is ironic in that there are no actual "gaps" between songs on the record. It was released on CD in America on August 7, 2007 by Hypnote Recording Concern, followed by a release in the UK a week later on August 13.

Gaps (disambiguation)

Gaps is a card game. Gaps may also refer to:

  • Gaps (album), an album by Monster Bobby
  • Gaps (video game company), a Japanese company
  • GAPs, or GTPase activating protein, a protein molecule

Usage examples of "gaps".

In all the gaps regular formations, mixed with Galactic Armored Combat Suits and the elite Ten Thousand, battled day and night against seemingly unending waves of Posleen.

Posleen all up and down the eastern seaboard are pushing at all the passes, gaps and roads, everywhere.

So he was able to belly up through the gaps in between until he could see first the overpass, then the Posleen positions under it.

Valleys, lakes, gaps, creeks, and other important, possibly vital, topographical features are routinely left unnamed.

Jackson spent much of the war in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains, camping in and marching through the very woods and high gaps through which Katz and I had lately passed, so I was interested to see the scene of his greatest triumph, though really I was curious to learn if the developer had done anything up there worth getting indignant about.

But as fast as the Posleen were cut down, the gaps were filled by the pressure from behind.

Use the estanaral forces to put gaps between blocks of the locals so that we hit the humans in a continuous stream.

Through the gaps in the shattered weaving he could see the stars in a night sky.

When gaps showed in the cloud cover, the spacers caught sight of new roads, towns.

On his left the long, dark, corrugated-metal roofs of Mid-Con Steel could be glimpsed through gaps in the rows of the once-elegant old homes that ran the length of West Third coming in toward town from several blocks above Avenue G.

She was sitting on the crossboard at the coiner of her sandbox one evening after supper, staring out at the park, catching glimpses of it through gaps in the hedgerow, which was still filling in with new spring growth.

He has his memories of the past to fill in the gaps, so that even though it is his first night, he is a veteran of his dreams already.

She pushed away from the tree and stared out into the park through gaps in the conifers, rebuilding her composure from tiny, scattered fragments.

He halted beside Sanglant, glanced incuriously toward the sea, and turned to regard the men hard at work filling in the gaps in their defenses.

She shouted commands, directing men to fill gaps or pointing out targets for her few archers, but it was obvious she knew exactly where Sanglant was.