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GANYC (Guides Association of New York City) was founded in 1974 and is a professional trade association or latter day guild, whose, members are all licensed New York City tour guides (New York City tour guide licenses are issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs) with some approved industry member partners. It is one of the oldest tour guide associations in the United States.

The organization has also acted as an aid in finding government assistance for its constituents. About one such noteworthy instance following the events of September 11, 2001, member Harry Matthews stated in relating how an organization official reached out ....." She gave guides explicit instructions at association meetings and through GANYC’s newsletter, Guidelines, enabling many to receive invaluable funds"'.... In the same article the author goes on to relate that....""According to the newsletter (Guidelines), having a business address in the southern region of Manhattan was originally required for assistance, but many independent guides like Mr. Matthews learned through GANYC how to argue that, while their address wasn’t on the streets of Lower Manhattan, their business was"....

The organization publishes the aforementioned newsletter "Guidelines" of which Dave Gardner is presently the editor-in-Chief. The Guides association of New York City's current President is Michael Dillinger.