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Gangut (Гангут) is the Russian transliteration of the Swedish name (Hangö udd) for Hanko Peninsula. It may have the following meanings:

  • The Battle of Gangut in 1714
    • Ships of the Imperial Russian Navy named after the battle:
      • Russian ship of the line Gangut (1719), 92-gun first rate ship of the line, launched in 1719
      • Russian ship of the line Gangut (1825), 84-gun third rate ship of the line, launched in 1825, participated in Battle of Navarino, converted to screw in 1854, training ship in 1862, decommissioned in 1871
      • Russian coast defense ship Gangut (1888)
      • Russian battleship Gangut (1911)
    • Gangut-class battleship
  • The Russian name for the town of Hanko during the time Finland was a Grand duchy of the Russian Empire.
  • The "Invincible Gangut" (Непокоренный Гангут), the Hanko Soviet naval base in Finland 1940–41 leased by Finland to the Soviet Union in the Moscow Peace Treaty that ended the Winter War.
Gangut (ship)

At least four ships of the Imperial Russian and Soviet Navies have been named Gangut after the 1714 Battle of Gangut.

  • - 90-gun ship of the line ordered scrapped in 1736.

  • - 84-gun ship of the line that participated in the Battle of Navarino. Rebuilt as a screw frigate in the 1850s and finally stricken in 1871.

  • - Coast defense ship that ran aground and was lost in 1897.

  • - Lead ship of the dreadnoughts that participated in World War I and World War II before being scrapped in 1956. Renamed Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya by the Soviets.