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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gamba \Gam"ba\, n. A viola da gamba.


n. 1 Shortened name for the string instrument viola da gamba. 2 A rank of organ pipes, so-called for a supposed resemblance of the sound to that of a viola da gamba.


Gamba may refer to:

  • Gamba (surname)
  • Gamba, Gabon, port in Gabon
  • Gamba Airport in Gamba, Gabon
  • Gamba, Chad, town in Chad
  • Gamba County, county in Tibet
  • Gamba, California, former town in California
  • Viola da gamba, musical instrument
  • Gamba Osaka, Japanese football team
  • Gamba di legno, a 1952 Italian film
Gamba (surname)

Gamba is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Danielle Gamba (born 1982), American model, dancer and NFL Cheerleader of Italian and Spanish descent
  • Enrico Gamba (1831–1883), Italian painter
  • Ezio Gamba (1958), Italian-Russian judoka and judo coach
  • Fran Gamba, 18th century Slovenian politician
  • Giuseppe Gamba (1857–1929), Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and an Archbishop of Turin
  • Piero Gamba (born 1936), Italian orchestral conductor and pianist
  • Marina Gamba (1570–1612), mother of Galileo Galilei's illegitimate children
  • Matteo Gamba (born 1979), Italian rally driver
  • Rumon Gamba (born 1972), English conductor
  • Sandro Gamba (born 1932), Italian basketball coach and player
  • Vincenzo Gamba (1606–1649), Italian musician, son of Galileo Galilei and Marina Gamba

Usage examples of "gamba".

I think you are, you will see that it is better to have Gamba for a friend than an enemy.

This prisoner was brought to the temple and questioned in the presence of Dian and Gamba and Hor.

Dian sent for Gamba and commanded him to have the dead removed from the city and disposed of, for the stench was so terrible that one could scarcely breathe.

Noada not escape, Hor having told them that she was planning to join Gamba in his house across the square, from which they were arranging to launch their attack against the temple.

The lesser priests and the other enemies of Gamba and the Noada were organizing the mob that was about to fall upon them and destroy them.

They each had a sword and a dagger, and Gamba had a bow and many arrows.

When they came to the shore of the nameless strait, they followed it until Gamba was sure there would be no danger of their being discovered by the people of Lolo-lolo or the people of Tanga-tanga.

So Dian the Beautiful and Gamba the Xexot drifted along the nameless strait toward the Korsar Az.

DIAN THE BEAUTIFUL and Gamba, paddling through the nameless strait toward the Korsar Az, did not see the great balloon that passed in the air high behind them.

Gamba to Dian, as they met beside the stream where Dian was filling a large gourd with water and Gamba was washing the lioncloths of his mistress.

She and Gamba were some little distance from the cliff, and the tarags were between the cliff and them, Gamba was terrified, but Dian was not.

The great beasts came and rubbed against the girl and nuzzled her hands, while Gamba sat frozen with terror.

For a long time Gamba sat there, wholly unnerved and unable to resume his work.

These men reported that they had captured a Lolo-lolo hunter, who claimed to have seen Gamba and Dian as they set forth upon the waters of the nameless strait in their little canoe.

AFTER THE TARAG, TIRED of waiting beneath the tree, arose and slunk off into the jungle, Gamba came down onto the ground and continued his flight.