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GalP (protein)

The galactose permease or GalP found in Escherichia coli is an integral membrane protein involved in the transport of monosaccharides, primarily hexoses, for utilization by E. coli in glycolysis and other metabolic and catabolic pathways (3,4). It is a member of the Major Facilitator Super Family (MFS) and is homologue of the human GLUT1 transporter (4). Below you will find descriptions of the structure, specificity, effects on homeostasis, expression, and regulation of GalP along with examples of several of its homologues.


Galp may refer to:

  • Galp Energia, an oil and gas company from Portugal
  • GalP (protein), an integral membrane protein present in Escherichia Coli
  • Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate
  • Galanin-like peptide, a neuropeptide