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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gallimaufry \Gal`li*mau"fry\, n.; pl. Gallimaufries. [F. galimafr['e]e a sort of ragout or mixed hash of different meats.]

  1. A hash of various kinds of meats, a ragout.

    Delighting in hodge-podge, gallimaufries, forced meat.

  2. Any absurd medley; a hotchpotch.

    The Mahometan religion, which, being a gallimaufry made up of many, partakes much of the Jewish.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a medley, hash, hodge-podge," 1550s, from French galimafrée "hash, ragout, dish made of odds and ends," from Old French galimafree, calimafree "sauce made of mustard, ginger, and vinegar; a stew of carp" (14c.), which is of unknown origin. Perhaps from Old French galer "to make merry, live well" (see gallant) + Old North French mafrer "to eat much," from Middle Dutch maffelen [Klein]. Weekley sees in the second element the proper name Maufré. Hence, figuratively, "any inconsistent or absurd medley."


n. 1 (context dated English) A hash of various kinds of meats, a ragout. 2 (context figuratively English) Any absurd medley.

Usage examples of "gallimaufry".

From everything he had heard, a discomfiting gallimaufry of fact and fiction, it was one he would gladly continue to avoid.

Some pitiful gallimaufry was advanced to explain these temporal and spatial dislocations, but by then I'm afraid I was far advanced in a diabetic coma.

If he's in the Gallimaufries and you give me the name, I can find him.

Earl Dexter, pressed for information upon his return from the Gallimaufries, might as well have taken a vow of silence.

Anyone who reached a position of power in the Gallimaufries faced danger every day.

For a man who had spent the past two decades in Earth's Gallimaufries, that was almost an invitation.

The difference is, the Gallimaufries used to be the worst place in the solar system.

Next thing I knew I was in a labor camp in the Gallimaufries where the drug of preference was Velocil.