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''' Galey ''' is a commune in the Ariège department in southwestern France.

Usage examples of "galey".

He had the emotional reaction under control again by the time he swung the sled in with casual nonchalance beside Galey, who did not seem to know whether to offer condolences or congratulations on survival.

He blinked, realizing Galey had said something else to him, that he had been drifting.

Duncan considered letting Galey, who had not come as he had, from a stay in sick-bay, carry more of the equip­ment.

He would gladly have left Galey: he was not used to company on a mission, was not used to schedules or reports or being concerned for a night spent in the open and SurTac that he was, he had little respect for the regulars when they were stripped of their protective ships and their contact with superiors.

He sat watch then, while Galey slept or pretended to sleep, and far across the sands he saw the dark shadow of a hunting dus that moved into the deeper shadow of the spires and was gone.

Galey’s cough had worsened, and if they must spend another night in the open, Galey would be suffering the like.

He felt his way after Galey, stumbled to the valley floor, the soft and difficult sand.

He gathered his feet under him and started walking, overwhelmed with anxiety, Galey struggling to stay with him.

He made room for Galey, who joined him, holding the gear care­fully on his lap.

Duncan tugged at the straps in Galey’s hands, took the equipment to himself, all of it, then with a nod to Galey rolled off and landed afoot on the sand, in a maneuver the heavy regul could not have performed.

But Galey was scared, and it was a tale that would make the rounds of the regular military of Saber, this encounter with regul.

And if I hadn’t put Galey out there with you, you could have met with an accident.

She paused to press a loss on the old surgeon’s cheek, and Galey turned his head, feeling oddly intrusive between these two.

North ripped out a gun and Galey seized his arm, his eyes making the object clear in the next instant as mechanical, a silver dome.

She paused to press a loss on the old surgeon's cheek, and Galey turned his head, feeling oddly intrusive between these two.