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A shoemaker’s son, Galet had been sent to the school by popular subscription of his village.

King Albert and Galet, however, believed that the huge growth of armies since that time made it clearer each year that if the nations marched again they would spill over onto the old pathways and meet again in the old arena.

A third group, consisting chiefly of King Albert and Captain Galet, favored a defensive as close as possible to the threatened frontier but without risking the lines of communication to the fortified base at Antwerp.

His policy was em­bodied in a memorandum drawn up by Captain Galet immediately after the Berlin visit.

The plan he and Galet had drawn up to meet the hypothesis of a German invasion had been frustrated.

But the General Staff and its new chief, General Selliers de Moranville, disinclined to let the young King and the low-ranking Captain Galet dictate strategy, and itself torn between offensive and defensive ideas, had made no arrangements to bring the army up behind the Meuse.