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n. (plural of gale English)


Gales can refer to:

Usage examples of "gales".

It was where one of the superheated gales roared off the land and collided with the cold air over the ocean.

While he spoke, Josiah Gales left a doorway down the hall and strode purposefully away.

Neither Gales nor Callison is the sort who could hire a Magden Norath.

Josiah Gales was one semi-plausible excuse short of the mercies of Trebilcockquestioners.

He took one look at Gales and told Dahl, „That’s no infantry sergeant, Captain.

The important informa­ tion went south by courier the day Gales arrived in Itaskia.

I neglected to tell you before, for obvious reasons, that Gales is back.

It was then that the gales came, the terrible winds and the heat and the awesome cold of the icefields.

He was telling them how the Lords weren't anything more than people like us, and if they did cause the gales it wasn't as a divine punishment but because there was once some vast machine that could control the weather and we had forgotten, over the centuries, how to use it.

Men had crossed the icefields and braved the frozen gales long before they'd attempted to journey through the impossible heat.

It marked the edge of the icy gales that would eventually hit the coast a few hundred miles to the south.

It marked the path of the furious gales that continuously ripped at the icy landscape.

It meant that they had come through the worst of the gales and were coasting into Windlee.

Towards the end of October there was a succession of heavy following gales, but she rose like a cork to the mountainous seas that followed in her wake, and, considering her size, she was wonderfully free of water on the upper deck.

Even gales, however, must have an end, and towards morning the wind moderated, and once more they were able to steam up close to the island.