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Usage examples of "galeass".

A galeass had the frame of a frigate with the rowing apparatus of the galley, and when there was no wind, five hundred slaves had to row.

The governor of the galeasses having issued orders for a general review at Gouyn, M.

Siamese lug-sails, brigantines, galeasses, Hanseatic League cogs, sixty-oared papyrus galleys, Norse drakkars and dragon-prowed Viking longships called the Oseberg ship.

We left Corfu towards the end of September, with five galleys, two galeasses, and several smaller vessels, under the command of M.

Each galeass had a captain called 'sopracomito', and we had ten of those captains.

Row barges, barques, and light galleys led by the galeass Scorpion had cut Seagate off from the Sound.

Two vague shadows in the offing showed where the galeasses rolled and tossed upon the great Atlantic rollers, Hawtayne looked wistfully in their direction.