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Gajak is a dessert found in northern India, where it is most commonly consumed in the winter months. Gajak is a dry sweet made of sesame seeds , and Ground nut, as they are known in Hindi, and jaggery. The til is cooked in sugar syrup and set in thin layers, which can be stored for months.

Gajak is prepared with sesame seeds and jaggery (or cane sugar) with a method of preparation which is time consuming. It takes about 10–15 hours to prepare 5–8 kilograms of gajak. The dough is hammered until all the sesame seeds break down and release their oils into the dough.

The most famous Gajak is made in Morena of Madhya Pradesh. The Gajak made here is the best in quality and taste. It is said that it is due to some components in the water of Chambal River which is used to make this sweet. Gajak of Morena is very famous and also exported to other countries.