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Gaitana, also known as Guaitipan, is referred to as La Gaitana and Cacica Gaitana, was a 16th-century Yalcon woman from the region of Timaná, Huila, a leader who, in 1539–40, led the indigenous people of the Upper Magdalena River Valley in Colombia in armed resistance against the colonization by the Spanish. Her monument sculpted by Rodrigo Arenas stands in Neiva, the capital of the Huila Department in Colombia.

Gaitana (singer)

Gaita-Lurdes Essami , better known under stage name Gaitana , born on 29 September 1979 in Kiev), is a Ukrainian singer and songwriter of Ukrainian and Congolese descent. Her music combines elements of jazz, funk, soul, and folk music. Gaitana represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan.