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Gair is a 1999 Indian Hindi action crime drama film starring Ajay Devgn, Raveena Tandon, Reena Roy, Amrish Puri and Paresh Rawal in main lead roles directed by Ashok Gaikwad.

Usage examples of "gair".

Ayna and Ceri who both had Gifts, and of Gair, who thought he was ordinary.

And, as Adara, for all her learning, could not learn how to lift the curse, it went on spreading, so that long before Ayna, Ceri and Gair were born, even the Giants were affected.

All the same, he remained a little awed by the strange, solemn baby, even when Gair was old enough to smile.

One or two people, knowing that the Gifts often went by families, hopefully asked Gair questions, too.

It seemed to them that they were continually going back for Gair, waiting for Gair, telling Gair to be quiet, explaining things to Gair or finding Gair in the way when they wanted to shoot.

She did her best, but Gair was too proud to be carried and would not hold her hand.

He would have gone straight home, except that because of Gair, they had caught next to nothing.

Cursing, he leaped up, threw himself on Gair and rolled with him into the damp bushes beside the nearest dike.

Gest himself saw to it that Ayna, Gair and Ceri learned to handle weapons.

She often talked to Gair about it, usually at night, sitting up very straight in bed because the responsibility weighed on her.

Unknown to Ayna and Gair, he began to make shameless use of that, too.

Sure enough, there was Gair, using the head of a prime hunting-spear as a trowel to make mud pies with.

The bees came out of their clay tunnels to defend Gair, saw it was Gest and went in again.

Ceri protested when Gair came to hand some of his punishment on to Ceri.

But now Gair spent so much time there that everyone came to think of that windowsill as his place.