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n. (plural of gaff English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: gaff)

Usage examples of "gaffs".

I reached into my left shirt pocket, pulled out the short gaffs, and held them out in my open palm.

At a wooden-walled pit, when two cocks are fighting close to the barrier, it isn't unusual for one of the fighters to jab one of his gaffs into a board and get stuck.

Both birds fell over, pronged together with all four gaffs, like knitting needles stuck into two balls of colored yarn.

The chains and gaffs a little less, they can do without those if they have to.

The gaffs were rougher, adapted from hoes cut and shaped and sharpened into curved tines.

Thonolan had poked his head in the tent earlier, showing him a couple of gaffs, but Jondalar had waved him off, wrapped his arm around Noria, and gone back to sleep.

If only I had had as many arms as the goddess Durga—two to hold the gaffs, four to grasp the fish and two to wield the hatchets.

Its occupants brandished eager expres­sions together with long gaffs, axes,, and pikes.

The barge crew lent its muscle to the task and long gaffs, attached to winches, were brought into use.

As she had anticipated, he went straight to the long-handled, fishermen's gaffs that hung on the wall and pulled two of them out of the spring-clips that held them.

The slightly curved hooks at the ends of the gaffs were wickedly sharp.

It had needle-pointed steel gaffs on his spurs which seemed to Quade longer than those the birds in the pits had used.

The steel gaffs had slashed the topcoat clean through, pierced Quade's trouser leg and the skin underneath.

As usual, most of the gaffs hadn't found purchase, but three had, and sailors on other teams dropped their slack chains and raced across the deck to join those who were pulling and grunting and heaving the ships together, locking them into one unit.