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Gaer may refer to:

  • Gaer, Newport, the electoral ward of Newport, South Wales
  • Gaer (Black Mountains), hill in the Black Mountains of Wales
Gaer (Black Mountains)

Gaer is the name of a hill in the Black Mountains of the Brecon Beacons National Park in Monmouthshire, south Wales. It lies at the southern end of the long ridge between the valley of the Grwyne Fawr and the Vale of Ewyas one mile to the north of Bryn Arw and 3 miles northeast of Sugarloaf. Its summit at 427m above sea level sits within an Iron Age hillfort known as Twyn y Gaer.

Usage examples of "gaer".

I said, while Gaer kept on herding us across the room upward the closet.

There were four of us now, and Gaer had to cover three sides of the room at once.

I gave that table suspended from the ceiling with silver wires a big shove, and one corner of it caught Gaer right in the solar plexus.

And all the time Morris was gathering Gaer in his arms, crooning to him.

I guess now, but on the other hand, a guy like Gaer was a very dangerous fellow.

IDEA that Gaer was a god, a dictator, the big boss of a new and greater social order.

By midafternoon, with about a third of the population having bought BUDGIES and Gaer as a god and a dictator, we had driven all the five hundred sales-robots as nutty as so many machine-tooled fruitcakes.

The last I heard of Gaer, they had put him through some sort of reconditioning process, and he came out of it anything but a guy with a dictator complex.

Taking our route below the Gaer we soon reached the Hermits Cave above the well of Waum.

Caer-gai on Bala Lake, Castle Collen near Llandrindod Wells, the Gaer near Brecon, Merthyr and GellyGaer.

We can accept magic in these old tales, even to the incantations of Bobaran the White that swayed the waves of the sea so that Gaer, the son of Deirdre, was saved from the men of Lochlin.

He wished to be a big fish in a small pond and to gaer to himself just enough power to shape his own destiny and that of the pond he chose.

Luke is out somewhere, Laree is with Gaeri somewhere, where does that leave me?

He glanced at the dining room where Gaeri, Tiree, and Laree were talking.

Madam Belden’s caregiver Clis left for the night at 2030, and Gaeri had offered to sit with her until Senator Belden finished a committee meeting.