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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gael \Gael\, n.sing. & pl. [See Gaelic.] (Ethnol.) A Celt or the Celts of the Scotch Highlands or of Ireland; now esp., a Scotch Highlander of Celtic origin.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1810, from Scottish Gaelic Gaidheal "member of the Gaelic race" (Irish, Scottish, Manx), corresponding to Old Irish Goidhel (compare Latin Gallus under Gallic, also see Galitia, Galatians). The native name in both Ireland and Scotland; owing to the influence of Scottish writers Gael was used in English at first exclusively of Highland Scots.

see Gaël (given name) for the given name

Gaël ( Gallo: Gaèu) is a commune in the Ille-et-Vilaine department in Brittany in northwestern France.

It lies southwest of Rennes between Saint-Méen-le-Grand and Mauron. In the 18th century, a fair was held twice a year in August and October.

Gaël (given name)

Gaël (feminine Gaëlle) is a French ( Breton) given name. Its etymology is uncertain, it may be related to the ethnonym Gael ( Goidel); alternatively, it may be a variant of the name Gwenhael (name of a 6th-century Breton saint).

While the popularltiy of the masculine name Gaël has been consistently at about rank 100 in France during the 2000s, the feminine name was at rank 100 in 2000 but has declined in popularity since, dropping below rank 400 by 2010. The masculine name Gael in the United States rose steeply in popularity during the 2000s; below rank 1,000 before 2002, it rose to rank 146 in 2012.

Gael also sees some use as a feminine given name in the United States, as a variant of Gail, Gayle (short form of Abigail).

Gael (disambiguation)

Gael may refer to:

  • The Gaels, an Indo-European people
  • Gael, a monthly women's magazine in Belgium
  • Gaël, a village in Brittany, France
  • Gaël (given name), a personal name
Gael (magazine)

Gael is a French language monthly women's and lifestyle magazine published monthly in Mechelen, Belgium.

Usage examples of "gael".

Into it could have been fitted the house and entire grounds of Gol, King of Dalriada on the coast of Alba, in whose service Cormac had borne sword until the king did treachery on his fellow Gael, for kings must see to their daughters.

He was able to craft workable nonaggression pacts with the Gaels, Bos Kashi, and Sons of Freedom that have eliminated the episodic but disastrous interclan wars, while continuing the tradition of individual feuds and vendettas that all these people seem to relish so much.

Where Shabeli was certain of how the Bos Kashi, the Gaels, and the Sons of Freedom would react to his proposal, and was fairly sure of the Shan, he had no idea what the Euskadi would say.

Bos Kashi, Gaels, and Sons of Freedom had each sent their chief war leaders and their deputies to this council.

You brothers of the Sons of Freedom and the Gaels may decide between you which will join the Bos Kashi to attack the surrounding settlements and which will attack the farther towns.

To the Gael, meticulously scrubbing and picking cruor from his chaincoat, it was a question that called disquietingly for an answer—and he had none.

Once again, there is also a Christian connection here: the name Marian is a form of the name Mary, and St Bridget was called Mary of the Gaels.

When they got someplace they liked, they settled down and took names like Celts, Teutones, Gaels, Scots, and Scandinavians.