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GAE (company)

, formerly Global A Entertainment, is a video game development studio located in Kichij┼Źji, Tokyo, Japan. On February 12, 2009, it was renamed to GAE, Inc. The company is most well known for its popular Dungeon Maker series. They also released the Cosmetick Paradise series and Akudaikan series (only in Japan). A recent notable game by the developer is My World My Way for Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable.


GAE or G.A.E. may refer to:

  • GAE Inc. a Japanese video game company
  • GAE SA, a holding company in Cuba : see Julio Casas Regueiro
  • Gallic Acid Equivalence method, for colorimetric assay
  • Google App Engine, also as GAE/J
  • Granulomatous amoebic encephalitis
  • Grand Aire Express airline IATA code

Usage examples of "gae".

Ingold crossed the Void between worlds to save the infant Prince Tir from the destruction of Gae, Gil Patterson and Rudy Solis tried to help him.

For one thing, Gae is a flooded ruin - you could never hope to find your way through its streets to reach the Nest.

Of those, only two hail from Gae - Saerlinn, who was a healer in the lower part of town, and me.

Against that reflection stood the red-robed shape of the Bishop of Gae, Govannin Narmenlion, her bald head and narrow, delicately jointed hands giving her the appearance of a skeleton wrapped in a crimson billow of flame.

But on the night that I first spoke to you, in the courtyards of Gae at the first quarter moon of autumn, they lay so close that a sleeper, a dreamer, could be drawn across unknowingly, as you were.

I feel sure that your reconnaissance to Gae will reveal to us exactly how it was done - and how we, allied with the armies of Alketch, may do likewise.

And Gae sprawled, like the maggot-riddled corpse of a beautiful woman, with the bones starting to work up through discoloured and falling flesh.

Piece by piece, pillar and pavement and pierced frieze of stone, the Palace of Gae manifested itself to them, like the many-coloured corpse of a dead dragon, its bare ribs arching high into the milky air.

Where the Dark Ones had dragged Aide away, captive, and the Guards of Gae had rescued her on the edge of the chasm.

Then the man screamed, covering his eyes that had not seen light since the fall of Gae, and the Dark were on them again.

If we can knock out the nurseries and damage as little as fifty percent of the Nest, we can make Gae safe for human habitation again.

Even the most precious jewels and trinkets were common coin among those who had survived the massacres of Gae and Karst.

Things have changed in the Realm, Minalde, since you sat on the water terraces of Gae and fanned yourself with peacock plumes.

I believe their attacks were concentrated on the Palace at Gae because they knew that Eldor and Tir were dangerous to them, that the memories the King and Prince held were the clue to their ultimate defeat.

He had refused to flee Gae until all those who needed him were utterly past help.