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Gadua is a small village (Post-Harotha) in Iglas tahsil in Aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh, India. Most of the population in the village are Jaats ( Thenua) but there are also other castes such as Brahmins, SC, ST and Muslims. The people of the village played a great role in Indian Independence. The main source of income of the people is from agriculture. There are many crops cultivated such as-wheat, rice, potato, apiculture, various dals, etc.

Notable Persons

* Late Shri Bangali Singh- Wrestler
* Dr. Lokmen Singh- Social Activist
* Balbir Singh- Hero Moto Corp
* Dr. Yogesh Kumar- MBBS
* Ashok Kumar- RTI Activist
* Harbir Singh- Ex. Panch

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