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The Gadabuursi or Gadabursi (, ), also known as Samaroon or Samaroon Said, is a large and one of main principal northern Somali clans.

Members of this clan inhabit Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Somalia: in the Awdal region, which they dominate and Waqooyi Galbeed, which they make a large part of. Djibouti: Where they are one of the main clan groups and the clan who founded the name " Cote francaise des Somalis". Ethiopia: Where the greatest part of the clan resides: for the most part in the Somali region, but also in the Afar and Oromia region.

The etymology around the name Gadabursi is described by the writer "Ferrand" in "Ethnographic Survey of Africa " as Gada (people) and Bur(mountain), thus Gadabursi being "The people of the mountains".