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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gabel \Ga"bel\, n. [F. gabelle, LL. gabella, gabulum, gablum; of uncertain origin. Cf. Gavel tribute.] (O. Eng. Law) A rent, service, tribute, custom, tax, impost, or duty; an excise.

He enables St. Peter to pay his gabel by the ministry of a fish.
--Jer. Taylor.


n. (context UK legal obsolete English) A rent, service, tribute, custom, tax, impost, or duty; an excise.


Gabel may refer to:

Gabel (surname)

Gabel is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Jeff Gabel, artist
  • Joseph Gabel (1912-2004), French sociologist, author of La Fausse Conscience.
  • Kristoffer Gabel (1617–1673), Danish statesman
  • Martin Gabel (1912–1986), American actor, director, and producer
  • Peter Gabel (born 1947), President of the New College of California and son of Martin Gabel
  • Seth Gabel (born 1981), American actor
  • Shainee Gabel, film director, A Love Song for Bobby Long

Usage examples of "gabel".

Yes, sweet Jeannie Gabel, over there in Paris: always a good pal, always a sympathetic shoulder for him.

Chicago, finally, about four in the afternoon, Carpenter phoned Jeanne Gabel at the Samurai headquarters at Wacker and Michigan, and got her after only about half a minute of hunt-and-seek maneuvering.

Going to bed with strange women was nothing unfamiliar for Carpenter, but Jeanne Gabel was not exactly strange to him, and yet she was.