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n. (context music English) (alternative spelling of gabber English)


Gabba may refer to:

Gabba (band)

Gabba is a London-based British tribute band performing ABBA songs in the stripped down punk style of the Ramones, a style of pop punk they dubbed discopunk and claim to have invented. They formed in 1996 and took their name in 1999. They have released three albums .

Usage examples of "gabba".

When she gets like this it means she took quaak or gabba behind the merge.

Tempest had gone on to find snap and gabba in the ever expanding catalog and then, though Phil managed not to witness it, the maddened Da and Darla had probably fucked.

This morning Tempest was nodded out on gabba, but Kurt and Darla were wide-awake on snap, very wired, very lifted.