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Gaana is a type of song in Tamil, Hindi or any other Indian language. It is music that is unique to Tamil culture and South India, initially originating from North Madras, Chennai. Gaana Bajana is used for singing during festivals or other occasions. The Gaana is started in death home side. It is similar to Rapping.

It is characterised as a fastbeat song, with less emphasis on meaning, sung at a celebration. Initially, this was very popular with Indians from Chennai to relax while doing stressful work. It gained further popularity when a few songs were used in Tamil cinema. Though the song sung doesn't have any meaning, there are a few unique signifiers of Gaana which include:

  1. It should not have more than 4–5 words per line.
  2. The words at the end of lines should be rhythmic.
  3. It must be sung at more than normal pace, so that words are not clear. This is mandatory for the lines containing some words.
  4. It should be accompanied by the beats of dappa or the metal sheets of a bus or train.
  5. It should be in time signature.